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Prepare To Ship

While shipping a bike can be a bit intimidating, it can be made less stressful by following the steps below and viewing the many videos on youtube. There are several ways to break down a bike for shipping. Here’s how we do it:

As you cannot control the safe handling of your bike during transit, we recommend airing on the side of over cushioning. As such, when we ship any of our bikes we always wrap every component in bubble wrap, foam, packing paper, or any sort of cushioning mechanism.

Obtain an appropriately sized box. FedEx makes a box specifically for bikes. It is 54" x 8" x 28". This size or similar will be sufficient.

We start by wrapping every part of the frame followed by every component that may be sensitive to damage. As an example, the rear derailleur hanger can be flexible and prone to bending in transit.

Leave the rear wheel attached but remove the front.

Let out the air in each tire to allow for additional space.

Remove the seat and post.

Remove the handlebars, pedals, and any accessories.

Route the handlebars through the fork and over the top tube.

Position the front wheel on the non drive side and separate the wheel and frame by placing a box or other cushion in between to prevent any rubbing.

Layer the top of everything with packing material to prevent the bike from shifting during transit.

 Place your prepaid label on the top of the box and you’re ready to go!


·        There any many great tutorials on YouTube. Here are a couple we recommend:

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