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Frequently Asked Questions

Image by Hannes Glöckl
  • Why sell to us?
    Selling a used bike yourself can be challenging. Between relentless haggling, flaky customers, illegitimate buyers, and empty promises, selling online can be stressful. That’s why here at City Cycle Works we make it easy for you. We’ve been in practice for years and have built a system to make selling your bike seamless. Simply enter some details about your bike, upload pictures, and get a cash offer. We handle the rest! Click here to get started.
  • How do we get a hold of you?
    Email us at or for a quicker response message us using our chat feature.
  • How is my offer determined?
    When evaluating a bike to take in on trade several variables are considered to determine its value. The most basic ones would be year, make, and model. However, if those were the only factors that were important, we’d just automate the system. We take a deeper dive and look at what components make up the bike, its hierarchy in the brands lineup, desirability, condition, marketplace trends, upgrades, average time on market, and seasonality. From a business standpoint we also have to take into consideration the costs for remarketing, overhead, reconditioning, and shipping. To get an idea of the trade value of your bike, Bicycle Blue Book can be a great resource.
  • How am I paid?
    We use PayPal. PayPal is the world’s largest payment processor. PayPal maintains the strictest security and privacy measures to ensure your data is completely safe and any threat of hacking is eliminated. Rest assured you are protected.
  • How can I trust that I’ll get paid?
    Unlike others, we pay you upfront! As soon as you drop off your bike at UPS/FedEx, let us know and we’ll send over payment to your account. Contact us via email or for a quicker reply message us using the chat feature on our website. Once tracking shows delivered, PayPal will release the funds to you.
  • Why are the funds on hold?
    PayPal will put a hold on a payment while the bike is in transit. Once tracking shows as delivered, the hold will be released typically within 24 hours. If it takes longer than that, give PayPal a call. You will need to upload the tracking number listed on your label to PayPal. To do this, from PayPal click Activity at the top of the homepage, find the transaction, click on the dropdown list in the “Actions” column and select “Add tracking”. See below image.
  • What if the bike is dropped off outside of your business hours, when will I get paid?
    We will do our best to be available to get you paid on the spot but if we can’t, payment will be sent the very next business day. If the bike will be dropped off outside of our operating hours, we recommend letting us know ahead of time so we can be on the lookout for it. Message us through our chat feature for a quicker response.
  • How is shipping and insurance handled?
    Shipping is typically done through UPS. We provide you a prepaid label that you simply place on the box and drop off at UPS. The bike is insured by us as well. Please note, insurance does NOT cover improper or inadequate packaging. As such, we strongly urge you to exercise extreme care when packaging your bike as you cannot control the handling of your package once it leaves.
  • Are there any fees for selling a bike?
    Nope! All shipping, insurance, and Paypal fees are handled by us.
  • Can my offer be retracted or reduced?
    If everything in your submission is as described, no. However, we reserve the right to reject or reduce the offer if the condition of the bike deviates significantly from how it was described and/or if there is structural damage. Examples include but are not limited to: excessive wear not shown in photos or disclosed, carbon damage, missing or nonfunctional components, damage in transit due to improper packaging. We encourage you to be as accurate as possible in your description when submitting your bike to avoid any of these issues.
  • How long is my offer valid
    5 business days.
  • Are your offers negotiable?
    Unfortunately, they are not. We put a lot of effort into evaluating your bike to determine an appropriate offer. We must take into account our costs for overhead, reconditioning, shipping, and selling fees. We determine a bikes trade in value by looking at comparables, year/make/model, specs, upgrades, and condition. In addition, we must look at the market and adjust for any trends, seasonality, and average time on market. Accordingly, when we present an offer, we send out our best offer upfront. To get an idea of the trade value of your bike, Bicycle Blue Book can be a great resource.
  • Can I drop off a bike or do I have to ship it?
    a. We are an online only store but if you are local to Philadelphia, we’d be happy to meet you for pickup. Likewise, if you’d like to purchase one of our items at our Ebay store.
  • What happens if my bike arrives damaged?
    We will default to an insurance claim first. However, insurance will not cover improper or inadequate packaging. We reserve the right to reject a bike if it arrives damaged as a result of improper packaging. Use our manual here for guidance on proper packaging. If you are unfamiliar with shipping a bike, your local bike shop can usually package it for you for a small fee.
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